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Friday, February 20, 2009

New Friend and a "Gift Exchange!"

My personal philosophy has always been that being positive and friendly will open doors to opportunities and experiences that you wouldn't normally encounter. Being nice, or paying someone a compliment doesn't take a whole lot of effort on one's part, but it's amazing how a small compliment can really make someone's day. That's what I love about Etsy; the people that you meet through Etsy are so encouraging and positive that it makes for a fun environment to start a business in.

Well, last night, this philosophy earned me a friend, and a "gift exchange!" I was in the Etsy chatroom last night, and saw some familiar faces. One was Casanovax2. Now if you're like me, you're probably wondering what a Casanovax is. When I first met him in the chats a few weeks ago, I remember asking him to explain it, and he kindly clarified for me that his name was "Casanova X 2." Duh! I felt so silly for not having seen it.

Anyhow I was looking through his shop and posted one of his ink drawings, La Guitarra (see above), in chat. Somehow the friendly expression on the musician's face really drew me (no pun intended) to the piece. He thanked me and I mentioned to him that I wished he had more items in his shop because I really liked his art. Casanovax has some really cool abstract looking ink drawings.

(Shameless plug - here's a link to his store: ).

Now, I'm by no means an art expert, but I used to be an avid art museumgoer, and I thought that Casanovax2's artwork was very reminiscent of Picasso's later works. I commented to him on the similarities between his work and Picasso's. Turns out Picasso is one of his idols and he seemed to be very flattered by the compliment! He told me he was impressed by my art knowledge (what little I have anyway) and that no one had ever said that about his work.

You know what he did next?

He offered to GIVE me a piece of art as a GIFT to express his gratitude for my appreciation! WOW!!

I was so flattered! That was so nice of him! I know how long art can take to produce, and I didn't want him to just give me something... I felt that at the very least I could give him something in return, so I offered up one of my Fuzzies as a trade. He told me that he wasn't looking for something in return, just wanted to give something as an expression of friendship. At the end we agreed that we weren't doing a transaction on Etsy, such as a trade, but we were "exchanging gifts." =)

So I chose La Guitarra and he chose Charlie the Chocolate Mutt! I'm glad he chose Charlie as Charlie is one of my fave Fuzzies. Casanovax will be giving the Fuzzy to his daughter as a present. Hope she likes it!

Yeah, I'm totally stoked. Made a new friend, got to exchange artwork.... I'd say it was a good day!


kMT graphic design said...

I completely agree with your philosophy! I blog about the same approach to marketing and social networking. Great post!

Casanova said...

A beautiful philosophy for sure!! It's an honor to be posted on your blog, and much love and much success on your "fuzzies"! They're fun and I can tell a lot of love goes into them!! Casanova