And all the pipe cleaner animals stood erect-- a fierce wall of nylon and wire defiance--
with one voice they exclaimed, "We shall not be silenced!"

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Finally Made it to an Etsy Treasury!! WHOOHOO!!

Beverly, my breast cancer awareness dog was featured in the blog and was also included in a treasury on Etsy! YAY!! Here's the treasury link:

I've been waiting for the day that I'd be featured somewhere! How exciting! Some Etsians are featured all the time, but my poor little creatures can be neglected sometimes because they're so obscure! Thanks Monkey Baby Creations for showing Beverly to your readers!!


hdawnparratt said...

your creations are so adorable!!

365 Letters said...

Congrats! I think your fuzzies are cute!

lunaticg said...

nice handmade creation you have there. I wish I can be as creative as you.